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October 2014 newsletter

Upcoming Events ~ Members, check LPSC Meet Up for more details.

Walk da Plank / Pirates Raft-up

November 6-9, 2014

Calling all swabbies, pirates and all other miscreants including actual sailors. It’s once again time for the annual “Walk the Plank” extravaganza. We’ll have food, a bonfire, drinks, salty stories and perhaps some music (if we an only find those damn musicians).  Think about the warm campfire, waves softly lapping agains your boats’ sides and the shoreline and the Milky Way in the sky.  Sooooo … drive your car, motorcycle, bring your trailer, camper, Class A motorhome, tent, boat (large or small), dinghy, houseboat, pontoon boat, seaplane or however you want to get there.
Just show up anytime for any length of time.


Mutiny on the Bounty Cruise

November 8, 2014 in the afternoon


Tuesday, October 21
General Meeting

6:00 – 7:00 No Host dinner
7:00 Meeting and Speaker

Rolling Hills Golf Course/Caddyshack Sports Grill
1415 N. Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ


Sunday Sail ~ November 30th, 2014
Time TBD (based on wind predictions)

If you are interested in sailing in AZ, check out our public Meet Up

We need boats to take guests out on the water.


LPSC Christmas Party

December 13th • 6:00 PM

Club West Golf Club, 16400 S. 14th Ave., Phoenix AZ

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Commodore’s View  for October 2014

View from the Helm

By Deedy Payne, 2014 LPSC Commodore

Fall is a time to renew our sailing activities here in the Desert Southwest. As we kick into gear, I would like to again share some CELEBRATIONS and CONCERNS about the “state of LPSC.”


We are excited to have over 100 members at this time thanks to the work of the membership committee. Many of these new members are new to sailing and joined because they attended a Sunday Sail event. Thanks to Rhonda Brewer, this monthly sail has taken off and is a fun way for members to get out on the water, take guests sailing, have some crew and meet new people interested in sailing.


Unfortunately, to make this a continued success we need more members with sailboats to participate. Our public Meet Up site brings in many valley residents who want to go for a sail. If we want to continue to offer this to these people, we need more members to help out. It is easy – you just show up at the marina with your boat and meet a few new folks and take them for a two hour sail. We then gather in the Grill for appetizers, and fun conversation. Please consider coming out for a Sunday Sail!


In addition to our Sunday Sails, we also have an “on the water” outreach event – our Boys & Girls Club Sail on October 11. This has been a fabulous annual event for many years.


We need members with boats to step up and take a few kids and a supervisor out for a two-hour sail. We may have access to some boats that need skippers, so if you do not have a boat and can skipper a 22-25 foot boat, you are needed! Right now we do not have enough boats/skippers to take out the 26 Boys & Girls Club members. I need your help to make this a success again this year.


On October 25th we are cleaning up the Carefree Highway. Again, this is an outstanding outreach to the community. We have a sign on the highway designating our club as the one that is in charge of that part of the roadway.


We need someone to organize the volunteers. This is an event that does NOT require a boat and is a way for those who cannot take others out on a boat to give back to the club and the community. It is an easy job and Ladonna Berg, our treasurer, can help with all the details.


There have been many fun, well-planned activities and events this year. LPSC Meet Up has been a wonderful communication tool, and the members who use it have been pleased with how easy it is to keep in touch, learn about events and find out who is attending. Thanks to Liz, our original Meet Up founder, and to Alan Greatorex, our current Meet Up Guru, for making this the premiere way to stay in touch and make our club better.


Attendance at many of these fabulous club events has been low. LPSC Meet Up is the way for you to communicate, to connect with each other, and to find out what is happening with LPSC. We work hard to keep the calendar up to date and current. You will know immediately when things are scheduled, details are changed, and when others RSVP. Please use this tool instead of only including those who you talk with. It makes our club stronger and more inclusive.


We have had a hard-working group of Board members in place this year. They have worked hard to make sure there are fun events, the club operates in good standing, and we have great meetings.


Our club cannot continue without a committed board in place. It is almost time to elect new board members and officers. Many of our current Board have served for several years. Are you able to serve and give back to this club? It is a fun way to get to know other members and learn more about sailing as well. We need a newsletter editor, a treasurer, a commodore, a member-at-large, and more. How about you!! Can you help out?

If you can help with any of these requests, please email commodore@lakepleasantsailing.com ASAP. We have lots of good ideas and lots of plans in place, but to continue to be a viable sailing presence here in the Valley, we need YOU. I am concerned that if we do not have members step up, the ones who are tirelessly working on your behalf will run out of steam and our club will fade into the sunset. Please do not let that happen!! Come forward and volunteer!

(Earlier “Views” are published in the ARCHIVE category on the sidebar.)

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