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February 2015 LPSC Newsletter

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Spring Trans Loch Series

Begins on February 7th, 2015

A low-key, long-distance race around Lake Pleasant on five Saturdays this spring, beginning on February 7. It’s part of the Arizona Yacht Club spring series and you’ll find more information on the AYC website: azyc.org or (direct to registration): http://arizonayachtclub.org/racing/


sweetheartFebruary 14th, 2015

 Sweetheart’s Cruise


LPSC_LOGOGeneral Membership Meeting

Tuesday, February 17th

6:00 – No Host Dinner
7:00 – Meeting

CADDY SHACK at The Rolling Hills Golf Course
1415 N. Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ
General Membership Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month.
The public is invited.

Email commodore@lakepleasantsailing.com for more information.


Mid-Week Sail

Wednesday, February 18th

Come out and join LPSC members
the third Wednesdays of each month on the lake!


Plan on joining us for our
Sunday Sail on
February 22nd

This is a great time to come out for a sail with other LPSC members. Bring your boat and meet us out on the lake, offer to take some guests sailing, if you don’t have a boat, sign up to be crew for someone. COME ONE, COME ALL!!

NOTE: LPSC Members who want to crew have priority when they RSVP the first week of the month. So, if you would like to join us, please email us and make your reservation!

Email info@lakepleasantsailing.com for more information.


February 28th – March 1st


Upcoming Events ~ Members, check LPSC Meetup for more details. For questions about Meetup, email meetup@lakepleasantsailing.com

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Congratulations to the 2015 LPSC Board Members
Commodore: Rhonda Brewer
Vice Commodore & Newsletter Editor: Stephanie Miller
Secretary: Emily Kaufmann
Treasurer: Stan Ferris
Membership Director: Alan Greatorex
Communication Director: Alan Greatorex
Webmaster: Deedy Payne
Social Director: Carolyn Cronin
Cruise Director: John Bagwell
Education Director: Doug Payne
AYC and New Member Liaison: Tom Errickson
Director at Large: Larry Akins
Immediate Past Commodore: Deedy Payne

Commodore’s View 

February Findings  from the Helm

by Rhonda Brewer, 2015 Commodore

February-the month of groundhogs, presidential birthdays and of course LOVE!  On February 2 news teams flock to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to see if local celebrity Groundhog Phil sees his shadow.  Many of us celebrate presidential birthdays by hitting the malls to buy the exercise equipment we think we need to stay true to our January New Year’s resolutions. However, the most celebrated February holiday is, of course, Valentine’s Day. Before we turn our thoughts to flowers, chocolates, and sappy Hallmark cards, let’s take a moment to think about LOVE and how it relates to our sailing club!

I can imagine your furrowed brows as you try to figure out how I can relate the love you feel for your spouse, children, or even a higher power to a group of sailors!  Keep reading…

The ancient Greeks came up with four terms to describe love. The passionate and intense romantic we feel at the beginning of a new relationship is called Eros.  Agape refers to the unconditional love we all strive to give and receive.  Storge is the love we feel for family including our children. Although I hope you all enjoy these various types of love, this is not the sailing connection I am trying to make.

The fourth type of love is phileo.  It refers to affectionate, warm feelings that make you want to be friends with another person.  This is a love you choose to have. This is a love that is based on common interests such as sailing. Over the last five years I have witnessed this type of love over and over among our membership.  I have sat side-by-side with LPSC members at the funeral of a fellow member. I have received emails from members organizing food deliveries to members who are ill or experiencing a family tragedy. I have scrolled through pages and pages of Facebook postings when our Staff Commodore, Debbie Huntsman, had a bike accident in New Orleans and spent weeks recuperating from a broken pelvis.

On February 20 at the February general greeting we will be celebrating the affectionate warm feelings we have for fellow sailors Gayle and Charlie Corridori.  Gayle and Charlie will be receiving the first Honorary LPSC Membership.  An amendment to the LPSC bylaws was made in November 2014 to include “members or non-members who have contributed to the growth, development, and/or support of the Club may be granted an Honorary Lifetime Membership. This membership shall have no voting privileges but may have access to LPSC media and events. The membership shall be for the remainder of his/her life.”  It will be my pleasure to bestow this gift onto Gayle and Charlie.

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