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April 2014 Newsletter

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Tuesday, April 15th  ~ 6:00
No-Host Dinner / 7:00 Meeting
General Meeting at Rolling Hills Golf Course
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Saturday, April 26th 8 AM
Spinnaker Point at Pleasant Harbor Marina
SWAP MEET 10:oo – 11:00
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Education event – Anchoring 11:00 – 11:30



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Commodore’s View from the GULF  for APRIL 2014

 View from the Gulf

by Deedy Payne, LPSC 2014 Commodore

FL sailI am sure many of us have the dream of “going cruising” – throwing off the lines and heading out on the seas, sails trimmed with the winds in our favor. I am sure many of us think that is the way to really sail and I am sure that some cruisers truly do “sail” a lot, but the reality (as observed first hand over the past six years) is that most of what cruisers do is motor. There are many reasons for this, and my experience is that about 85% of the time their motor is on and they are either “motor sailing” (engine running – sails up) or just “motoring.”  The reason? There is no wind, too much wind, or the wind is blowing the wrong way and tacking would take more hours than practical. After spending Spring Break “sailing” off the southwest Gulf coast of Florida, I realize that what we do on Lake Pleasant actually is more sailing than what cruisers do! Most of us would agree that we probably actually sail about 90% of the time. Our sails are up and our motor is off. So, the bottom line is that we need to enjoy the sailing we do here in the desert because we are getting more sailing in than many cruisers.

What we might be missing out on is the fun of trying to anchor in strong currents, or picking up a mooring ball in 20 knot winds, or having a full holding tank and nowhere to pump out, or finding remains of flying fish on the deck. When cruising there are many more adventures and it is a reasonable goal but sailing here on Lake Pleasant is a great substitute and LPSC members make the most of it. Our St. Patrick’s Day cruise was lots of fun for all. In April we are looking ahead to our now famous “Surf & Turf” event, our Pancake Breakfast and the April Sunday Sail. There is lots of sailing and adventure to be had right here at home in the desert and I, for one, am very happy with all the sailing I can do right here and will continue to remember “There’s no place like home,” especially when we have each other and a beautiful lake on which to sail.

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