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LPSC December 2014 Newsletter

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LPSC Holiday Party ~ A Mediterranean Christmas

December 13th • 6:00 PM

Club West Golf Club, 16400 S. 14th Ave., Phoenix AZ


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Sail with friends on Saturday, December 27th. This is a “no host” sail. Just let others know you will be out there and try to connect!


Note: There will not be a Sunday Sail
on December 28th.

Plan on joining us for the first Sunday Sail of 2015 on January 25th

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Congratulations to the 2015 LPSC Board Members
Commodore: Rhonda Brewer
Vice Commodore: Stephanie Miller
Newsletter Editor: Stephanie Miller
Secretary: Emily Kaufmann
Treasurer: Stan Ferris
Membership Director: Alan Greatorex
Communications Co-Directors: Alan Greatorex and Deedy
Social Director: Carolyn Cronin
Cruise Director: John Bagwell
Education Director: Doug Payne
AYC and New Member Liaison: Tom Errickson
Director at Large: Larry Akins

Commodore’s View  for December 2014

View from the Helm

By Deedy Payne, 2014 LPSC Commodore

Navigating what is valuable and steering a course in pursuit of happiness…

(Borrowed from Sailing-Philosophy for Everyone: Catching the drift of why we sail. By Jesse Steinberg and Michael Stuckart. Edited by Patrick Goold.)

There are a number of different senses of “value,” or of what is worthwhile. Some things are valuable in a practical sense. Given the desire not to run aground, one should steer clear of that shoal (or island). Some things are valuable in the moral sense. We have a moral obligation not to pollute the environment. Some things are aesthetically more valuable than others. A ketch is more attractive than a tug. The concept of value is hard to pin down. It’s not easy to say what it is to be valuable or good. Since it is not easy to say exactly what is to be valuable or good, perhaps it is more productive to think of clear examples of valuable things.

Some things ought to be pursued because they are of practical value. Other things are good because they are beautiful or have aesthetic value. Some things are valuable largely in virtue of the worth that an individual or group puts on them. And we value certain traits in people such as honesty, patience, kindness, generosity, humor, and intelligence. As many of us would agree, there is a lot of value in sailing, both for sailing’s sake and for the pleasure of sailing with others who also enjoy it. Being a part of a club such as LPSC brings value to our lives because it provides us with a way to connect with others who love to sail, learn and share knowledge, and sail more. It makes our sailing lives on a beautiful lake in the desert more valuable.

As I reflect on the past year, I appreciate the value being a part of this club and the work this wonderful board has done to keep the club sailing smoothly. Thank you to Alan for keeping all of our membership files in good order and for updating us monthly. Alan also deserves kudos for keeping Meet Up running and updated. He follows up on all SAIL ARIZONA newbies and updates the events on both Meet Up sites. Thank you also to Ladonna for keeping our books serving as our treasurer. She stepped up these past two years and has also served in the past. The value of her knowledge was second to none. Part of the value LPSC has for many of us is the social aspect of our events. Carolyn headed up these important activities and the value she brought to all of us was immeasurable. Thank you Carolyn for organizing, advertising, shopping, setting up, and cleaning up! Thank you to John for being a sounding board and supporting me in this job. I have come to value his friendship and am learning how to “chill out” and not worry so much! Thank you also to Jackie, Stephanie, Sammi, Dennis, Tom, Bill, Tim, and Doug for all their support and for fulfilling their board duties. When each person does their part, the whole board functions more efficiently and membership in our club is more valuable.

As I get ready to turn the helm over to Rhonda, I want to thank her for stepping up and supporting me this year. She has provided her expertise as newsletter editor for many years, as well as serving as vice commodore this year. There is value in teamwork and I appreciate her “can-do” attitude, her cheery spirit, and her thirst for fun. I know she will do a fabulous job as Commodore 2015, and I look forward to supporting her and the new board.

There is a lot to value aesthetically about sailing – the beautiful water and the sound it makes slapping against the hull, the colors of the sun and the terrain, the clouds, and oh, those Lake Pleasant sunsets! On the other hand, our sailboats and the intricacies of operating them, calculating the wind and water conditions, and learning the best combinations of sail and trim all provide instrumental value to the sport. Regardless of what one values, we can derive a great deal of satisfaction and find a tremendous amount of beauty, pleasure, and excitement in sailing. It can be exhilarating, and, at other times, relaxing. It can be intellectually or cognitively stimulating and it can be an activity via which to “zone out” and let the cares of life on land wash away. Sailing is indeed a pursuit full of both intrinsic and instrumental value, and I, for one, am so glad I have LPSC members to share it with. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Commodore 2014.


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