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April 2015 LPSC Newsletter

LPSC MEMBERS ~ SCROLL DOWN and check out the Sunday Sail info.
This event takes place the last Sunday of every month.
If you ant to crew, you have priority when you sign up the first week of each month by emailing info@lakepleasantsailing.com

LPSC_LOGOPancake Breakfast

Saturday, April 25th ~ 8 – 10 AM

at the Ramada (1,2, & 3) at Lake Pleasant (near the Sailboat Shop)

Show Up Raft Up in Honeymoon Cove

Monitor Channel 68. We will meet about 4:00 PM
Bring an appetizer or treat to share and dinner is on your own.
Email pastcommodore@lakepleasantsailing.com for details.

Plan on joining us for our Sunday Sail on
April 26th

This is a great time to come out for a sail with other LPSC members. Bring your boat and meet us out on the lake, offer to take some guests sailing, if you don’t have a boat, sign up to be crew for someone. COME ONE, COME ALL!!

NOTE: LPSC Members who want to crew have priority when they RSVP the first week of the month. So, if you would like to join us, please email us and make your reservation!

Email info@lakepleasantsailing.com for more information.


cincoCinco de Mayo Raft Up
Saturday, May 2nd ~ 3rd in Two Cow Cove

What to expect: Sunflower-style raftup. Plan to climb from boat to boat.
• Margarita Contest ~ Prizes will be awarded for Best Classic Margarita, Best Flavored Margarita, and Best Virgin Margarita (Who wants to volunteer to serve as a judge?)
• Fiesta-themed games and activities, plus plenty of time to relax
• Potluck dinner on Saturday night featuring your favorite Mexican dish to pass
• Anchoring begins Saturday at 1pm and we’ll try to close the circle around 4pm. • • • Plan to stay until 10am Sunday.
VHF channel 68
What to bring:
• Anchor and ground tackle (Each boat must deploy ground tackle—we will have a crew to help set anchors.)
• A pitcher of margaritas, if you want to participate in the contest.
• Food to share: main dish, appetizer, or side dish. LPSC will supply dessert.
• Your own beverage, plate and silverware for dinner.
WARNING: Get there early to avoid full parking lots and traffic jams at boat ramps. The Lake Pleasant Party Boaters are aiming for a world record of 1000+ boats tied together in Humbug.
LPSC Cinco de Mayo Raftup – DOWNLOAD INFO HERE


Upcoming Events ~ Members, check LPSC Meetup for more details. For questions about Meetup, email meetup@lakepleasantsailing.com

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Commodore’s View 

April Assumptions from the Helm

by Rhonda Brewer

April – the month of showers, baseball,  and, of course, taxes. Depending on your financial situation,  you may be combing catalogs and  surfing Amazon dreaming of ways to spend your refund or digging through the couch cushions in search of funds to pay Uncle Sam.  As LPSC members we don’t have to think about paying taxes, but this month I am going to ask you think about the financial status of the Club. For the sake of discussion we can separate our treasury funds into three “pots.”

The first “pot” contains the funds we will take in during 2015.  This includes dues as well as monies collected at events such as the pancake breakfast and Christmas party.  Stan Ferris, our treasurer-extraordinaire, has created a budget that assigns an amount to each activity, program, and event we have planned for 2015.  With the click of his mouse is able to give the Board monthly updates on the funds coming in and going out. The Board is committed to running 2015 events and programs on the funds collected in 2015.

The second “pot” contains the funds that were set aside a few years ago by a previous Board to be used for education.  The majority of the money in this “pot” was earned during a very successful Ladies Day at the Lake. The money was set aside to be used as seed money for subsequent Ladies Day at the Lake events as well as for general educational use.

As Commodore I have asked the Board to create a third “pot” of funds. These were funds that remained in the treasury at the end of 2014 before the 2015 dues were deposited. Because the Board is committed to running the 2015 events and programs on 2015 funds, there should be no need to use these funds for regular Club expenses during the year.

At the April general meeting Stan will be reviewing the balances of these three “pots” of money.  After his presentation, I would like to give members the opportunity to suggest possible uses for the funds in “pots” 2 and 3.  These ideas may include saving part of the money as a “rainy day” fund, updating our DVD/book library, purchasing additional AV equipment, securing speakers for general meetings, etc.  I am sure we will be able to put together a long list of suggestions!

Hope to see you all at the April general meeting!

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