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LPSC Newsletter September 2015

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Columbus Day Raft UP

October 10th


Boys & Girls Club Sail

Saturday, October 17th

9:00 – 1:00

* * * *

Octoberfest Picnic

Sunday, October 18th

11:00 AM Kiwanis Park, Tempe

Brats, water, soda, and dessert provided. Bring an appetizer or side dish to share. (And your own BYOB – cans ONLY)

Bring outdoor games, and remote controlled boats.

Bring kids, grandkids, and friends!

You can rent boats at the park.

We do this every year and always have a great turnout.  Weather has been perfect in the past!

* * * *

LPSC_LOGONext General Meeting
October 20th, 2015

6:00 No-host dinner
7:00 Meeting


October 31st

Pirate Raft UP

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Commodore’s View 

by Rhonda Brewer, 2015 Commodore

September Speculations from the Helm

General George S. Patton said “Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.”

August has been a challenging month for me. Due to extensive budget cuts, after ten years as the librarian at Akimel A-al Middle School, I am back in the classroom! I look back on those ten years with a smile and chuckle when I think about how I was so busy keeping the shelves in order, creating clever bulletin boards, and worrying about how many students had overdue books.  Meanwhile, my colleagues were racing through their day planning innovative lessons, replying to unending parent emails, dealing with disruptive student behaviors and, of course, attending endless professional learning community meetings.  No wonder they didn’t have time to stop and chat about last night’s episode of Scandal!

After four weeks, either the work has eased up some or I have figured out a way to work smarter.  The first week I brought four tubs of notebooks home on Friday for grading. The second week, my load lessened to two tubs, and this weekend I was down to half of a tub.  That’s progress I think!

Although the last month has been a whirlwind of planning, classes, meetings, emails, grading, and paperwork, looking back on it I don’t think I would have changed a thing. I realize that I had become complacent in my career.  I had found myself a position that I could pretty much do with my eyes closed in a school where I knew everyone, and I was left pretty much on my own to control my own destiny. Sounds like a pretty good place to be, right?  I thought so too!

These days I go home tired, sore-footed, and victorious!  I can look back on the day and recall the look on a student’s face when she finally understood what everyone else learned two days ago! I can hear the whispered “thank you” of a worried student when I allowed him to use his cell phone to call mom who was in a weird mood this morning. And I can feel the release of tension in a student’s shoulders when I gave her a quick hug and told her that I was not going to assign lunch detention for her third “I got lost again!” tardy.  I go to bed at night, these days often before 9:00, knowing that I accepted a challenge, worked hard, and am on my way to overcoming it. That’s a good feeling!

As we make our way into hopefully a cooler September, I encourage you to take on a new sailing challenge.  Maybe you have always wanted to race, but never had the courage to get on the lake with the AYC racers.  Our co-cruise director, Bruce Andress, invited as all to participate in the AYC Transloch race series which has been re-vamped to make it more cruiser-friendly.  Check the AYC website for details. Perhaps you have toyed with the idea of getting an ASA sailing certification or even move to the next level of certification.  Contact LPSC Board member Tom Errickson at the Sailboat Shop for more information. Maybe you just need to get out on the water more to practice your sailing skills that have become rusty in the non-sailing heat of the summer. The Commodore’s Cruise and September Sunday Sail on September 26 and 27 are perfect opportunities to get on the water.  Check Meetup for more information.

Whatever course you plan to follow this fall, I encourage you to make sure you accept some challenges along the way so that you too can “feel the exhilaration of victory”!



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