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August 18, 2015
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Commodore’s View 

May’s Memo  from the Helm

by Rhonda Brewer

While leafing through old LPSC newsletters looking for pictures to include in our monthly VVM (Valuable Veteran Members) presentations, I ran across a column written in January 1985 by Marty Sturhahn, Commodore.  After describing the Christmas party at the Greenhouse downtown as “perfect,” Marty went on to list the plans for 1985 which included a spring luau; LPSC T-shirt and hats; seminars on hypothermia, CPR, and First Aid; revision of the cruising points; and a possible party with the Tucson Sailing Club. He ended his column with the following article taken from the Power Squadron’s newsletter “Bos’n Pipe.”

The Member Who Never Came Back

It amuses me now to think that your organization spends so much time looking for new members when I was there all the time. Do you remember me?

I’m the fellow who came to every meeting, but nobody paid any attention to me.  I tried several times to be friendly, but everyone seemed to have their own friends to talk to and sit with. I sat down with some unfamiliar faces several times, but they didn’t pay much attention to me.

I hoped somebody would ask me to join one of the committees or to somehow participate and contribute-but no one did.

Finally, because of illness, I missed a meeting.  The next month no one asked me where I had been. I guess it didn’t matter very much whether I was there or not.  On the next meeting date I decided to stay home and watch a good television program.  When I attended the next meeting, no one asked where I was the month before.

You might say that I’m a good guy, a good family man, hold a responsible job, and love my community.

You know who else I am? I’m the member who never came back.

I read this article several times trying to figure out if this story would apply to our membership meetings today. My first response was “Of course not!!!”  Over the last few years, the Board has worked hard to make sure everyone feels welcome and included at our meeting and events.  We get there early and push together tables so that no one has to sit alone.  The Board members have all promised to seek out new faces and loners and draw them into conversation.  For the last two years we have manned a welcome table so that every member, visitor and guest is greeted and asked to sign in.  Stephanie and Alan do a great job introducing new members and guests to the group at the beginning of each meeting. This year we have added a Valuable Veteran Member program that highlights our more senior members. All in all, I think we do a pretty good job!

My guess is that the 1985 membership thought they were doing a pretty good job making everyone feel welcome too.  But then, I wonder why the 1985 Commodore chose to include this article in his monthly column.  There had to be a reason, right?

Please take a few minutes this month to think about what you personally can do to make sure that everyone who attends our monthly meetings and events feel included. Maybe you could commit to starting a new table instead of sitting with your usual group.  As unfamiliar faces arrive, you could invite them to sit at your table.  Or you could make an extra effort to draw everyone at your table into the conversation.   I am sure we all could come up with at least one idea.  Come to the May meeting with a plan and carry it out.  You could be the link to the LPSC that someone has been searching for!


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