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January 2015 LPSC Newsletter

Upcoming Events ~ Members, check LPSC Meetup for more details.
For questions about Meet Up email meetup@lakepleasantsailing.com

Don’t forget to pay your dues for 2015!

Email membership@lakepleasantsailing.com for more information.



Leukemia-Race2-e1359462682994New Year’s Raft Up

January 3-4 in Port-a-Potty Cove


AYC Birthday Regatta and Leukemia Cup Race
January 16-18, 2015

More info on the Arizona Yacht Club Website or email aycliaison@lakepleasantsailing.com



General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, January 20th

6:00 – No Host Dinner
7:00 – Meeting

CADDY SHACK at The Rolling Hills Golf Course
1415 N. Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ
We will be planning the year! Join us to hear all the ideas for 2015.
General Membership Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month.
The public is invited.

Email commodore@lakepleasantsailing.com for more information.


Mid-Week Sail

Wednesday, January 21st

Come out and join LPSC members
the third Wednesdays of each month on the lake!



Annual Wine & Cheese Party
Saturday, January 24th
6:00 PM at Tom D’s Home

Help us kick off the New Year.
Bring an appetizer or dessert to share.

Email social@lakepleasantsailing.com for more information.


Plan on joining us for the first Sunday Sail of 2015 on Sunday, January 25th

Email info@lakepleasantsailing.com for more information.


thSuperbowl Dock Up

Friday, Jan 30 – Sunday, Feb 1

4:00 – Friday night raft up in Honeymoon Cove. Low key, visit with friends.

12:00 – Saturday meet up at Waterfront Grill and find a buddy boat for Super Saturday Sail with suggested crew overboard practice, using a throwable floatation device (not a live crew member!).

3:00 – Raft up in Honeymoon Cove for happy hour (assuming you still have everybody aboard). Those that have a slip or want to get a guest slip then sail back to Pleasant Harbor.

6:00ish –  Spaghetti Feed at the BBQ area on dock 3.  Coordinate on meetup as to who wants to bring what! There are tables, chairs, heaters and electricity for boiling water and heating sauces. BBQ grills for toasting bread. I will bring hot plates, paper towels, plates, bowls, and utensils. Hopefully we can run a shuttle for those that want to stay anchored out.

Super Sunday – Sleep in or go for a morning sail. Hang out in the BBQ area for a hot coffee or chocolate.

10:00ish – Make your own Super Sunday Omelet Bar and then stick around to watch the game at the waterfront grill or not!


Upcoming events:

sweetheartFebruary 14th, 2015

 Sweetheart’s Cruise

Check out the LPSC Ship’s Store


Congratulations to the 2015 LPSC Board Members
Commodore: Rhonda Brewer
Vice Commodore & Newsletter Editor: Stephanie Miller
Secretary: Emily Kaufmann
Treasurer: Stan Ferris
Membership Director: Alan Greatorex
Communication Director: Alan Greatorex
Webmaster: Deedy Payne
Social Director: Carolyn Cronin
Cruise Director: John Bagwell
Education Director: Doug Payne
AYC and New Member Liaison: Tom Errickson
Director at Large: Larry Akins
Immediate Past Commodore: Deedy Payne

Commodore’s View 

January Jottings from the Helm

by Rhonda Brewer, 2015 Commodore

New Year’s Resolutions! We all make them and then often promptly break them. Over the years I have made many including probably the most popular-eating more healthy foods, exercising more, watching less TV and reading more.   Very rarely have my efforts lasted more than a week or two. The only resolution I have been able to keep is returning my shopping cart to the corral in parking lots. I have been doing this for five years, and, so far, the shopping cart gods have rewarded me-no dings in my car.

This year I ask you to consider making the LPSC the focus of your New Year’s resolution. May I suggest “I resolve to become more involved in the great activities the 2015 LPSC Board has planned for this 2015.” As with all plans, this is easy to say but harder to implement. Let’s think about how we can all make his happen.

First, be motivated and committed. The reason New Year’s resolutions are often quickly broken is because change is hard. However, it is possible to teach old “sea-dogs” new tricks. The first step may be to bookmark the calendar on the LPSC website lakepleasantsailing.com Deedy Payne, our past-commodore and website coordinator, has committed to maintaining and updating the website with the yearly calendar, event details, current and past newsletters, board meeting minutes and membership directory.  Also, if you are not already an active member, please consider joining Meetup. https://secure.meetup.com Alan Greatorex, our membership director and Meetup coordinator, updates the Meetup site regularly with new events and new members. As those members who visit the site regularly know, this is a great place for members to suggest events, communicate plans, and post photos and feedback.

Second, make your goal attainable. The LPSC Board members have planned several events for each month including water events-raftups and cruises- and land events such as the spring breakfast and the fall picnic. It is unrealistic to expect you to attend each and every event. I suggest that you pick one or two events each month and commit to them-write them on your calendar, put them in your phone, or jot them down on sticky notes and add them to your refrigerator collection. As Nike says, just DO IT!

Third, know that life will get in the way, and you may not be able to fulfill your commitment every month. That’s OK! If you can’t make to the event you chose, check the calendar on both the website lakepleasantsailing.com and the LPSC Meetup page https://secure.meetup.com to find another. There are many to choose from!

In conclusion, I think it all comes down to “balance.” As parents, employees, online shoppers and yes, even sailors, we tend to live in the extreme. When the wind kicks up, we either pull the sheets in tight and drop the rail OR drop the sails, start the motor and head for safe harbor. May I suggest a third option? As we kick off the 2015 LPSC calendar, set your trim and balance, plot your course to include monthly events, and leave room for course adjustments so that this year you become a more active participant in the Lake Pleasant Sailing Club.


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