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LPSC Newsletter December 2015

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This event takes place the last Sunday of every month.
If you want to crew, you have priority when you sign up the first week of each month by emailing info@lakepleasantsailing.com

LPSC Members
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LPSC_LOGODues are due for 2016.

$50 per membership

Contact treasurer@lakepleasantsailing.com

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2015 Cruising Award Points Due

Hey all you suntanned and water soaked LPSC cruisers, it’s time to put down the bottle o’ rum and tally up your cruising points so you can claim your bodacious prizes. As in the distant past, we are awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for the most sailing in club events during 2015.

Some things to remember when filling out your cruising log:

  • One (1) point for each day of sailing
  • One (1) point for each overnight (i.e., raft-up)
  • Five (5) points for being a raft-up skipper
  • You can count up to 30 points (1 for each day) for sailing in non-club events

The tally sheets are used to record your sailing from January 1 through December 31, 2015 and must be turned in to Bruce Andress or John Bagwell no later than the January General Meeting. The prizes will be awarded at the Wine and Cheese Party on January 23, 2016.

What? You say you didn’t know there were prizes?  Well, surprise, surprise!  Yes, we’re talkin’ good money and something cool to use for bragging. You FORGOT to keep track of your sailing?  Shame!! However, please call Bruce Andress 602-409-3844, and maybe you can figure it out!

Just think how much sailing you can do next year AND win a prize!

Download your cruising log here!


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Upcoming Events

December 2015
December 23 Mid-week Sail

January 2016
January 2 3:00 PM New Year’s Sail (Check MeetUp for details!)
January 16 AYC Leukemia and Lymphoma Race Breakfast (LPSC is providing this for the racers!)
January 19  General Meeting
January 23 Annual Wine & Cheese Party

Members, check LPSC Meetup for more details. For questions about Meetup, email meetup@lakepleasantsailing.com

Check out the LPSC Ship’s Store ~ CLICK HERE

Commodore’s View 

by Rhonda Brewer, 2015 Commodore

December Dispatch from the Helm

The oldest existing quilt dates back to the 1650s, and is attributed to Hester Hosmer (1641-1702). In order to survive more than 300 years of wear and this beautiful quilt had to have been made from sturdy, closely woven material.  The Lake Pleasant Sailing club has not been around for 300 years, but we are definitely made from sturdy fabric.
Thirty-seven years ago, George Lauman and a group of sailors and friends gathered together to create a cruising sail club at Lake Pleasant. Over the years the structure and purpose of the club has strengthened. Each membership has added a new thread to the existing cloth.  In addition, each Board has embroidered its own design onto the quilt.
Besides the many great activities and events Club members have enjoyed for many years, the 2015 Board has worked hard to embellish the Lake Pleasant Sailing Club with its own threads. Valuable Veteran Member presentations and the Knot of the Month became a mainstay of the monthly meetings.
Under the supervision of the 2015 Board, the Sunday Sail program flourished and elicited many new memberships.  The upcoming Christmas party is a result of the diligent budgeting efforts of the Board throughout the year; members are invited to enjoy a prime rib dinner at a discounted cost.
In a couple of weeks the 2015 Board will turn the reins of the Club  over to the 2016 Board under the leadership of Commodore George Goldman.  I look forward to enjoying the many great activities and events George and his Board have in store for us. Under their guidance I am sure the Club fabric will remain strong and the embellishments will be beautiful.


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